Welcome to Knife Party

Medical, salon, and culinary sharpening are our specialties, but frankly, we do it all.

It is our pleasure to serve a wide variety of clients — from medical facilities to corporate campuses, neighborhood restaurants and salons to your favorite coffee shop, and even individuals with only a knife or two. Every job is different and every client receives individual care.

There is no storefront, so you have two options to receive our sharpening service:

  • Get in touch to schedule a mobile visit
  • Visit one of our two weekly farmers market locations

For most residential sharpening — a few knives, say, or a set of them — owner-operator Devin James Fry can be found Saturdays at the downtown Austin SFC Farmer’s Market at 4th and Guadalupe from 8:45AM to 1PM, and Sundays at the Lone Star Farmers Market at the Hill Country Galleria, from 9:45AM to 2PM. Find a safe way to wrap those knives up (we recommend a towel — or just bring the whole block!) and bring them on down to the market. Parking is free, Devin’s turnaround is usually about an hour, and there are plenty of other great vendors’ booths to check out while you wait.

More information is also available on our five-star Yelp page.

Questions are welcome at knifepartysharpening@gmail.com, 719-201-4570, or by using the contact form on this page. Replies are made promptly.

Knife Party is a proud supporter of NPR and KUT 90.5, Austin’s NPR station.