Mobile appointments are available throughout the week for veterinary and medical clinics, salons and barber shops, kitchens, residences, and more. Questions encouraged! Drop a line, let us know what you are needing, and we’ll be in touch with more details.

Contact Devin James Fry at 719-201-4570 or by using this form:

Welcome to Knife Party

Medical, salon, and culinary sharpening are our specialties, but frankly, we do it all.

It is our pleasure to serve a wide variety of clients — from medical facilities to corporate campuses, neighborhood restaurants and salons to your favorite coffee shop, and even individuals with only a knife or two. Every job is different and every client receives individual care.

There is no storefront, so you have two options to receive our sharpening service:

  • Get in touch to schedule a mobile visit
  • Visit one of our two weekly farmers market locations

For most residential sharpening — a few knives, say, or a set of them — owner-operator Devin James Fry can be found Saturdays at the downtown Austin SFC Farmer’s Market at 4th and Guadalupe from 8:45AM to 1PM, and Sundays at the Lone Star Farmers Market at the Hill Country Galleria, from 9:45AM to 2PM. Find a safe way to wrap those knives up (we recommend a towel — or just bring the whole block!) and bring them on down to the market. Parking is free, Devin’s turnaround is usually about an hour, and there are plenty of other great vendors’ booths to check out while you wait.

More information is also available on our five-star Yelp page.

Questions are welcome at, 719-201-4570, or by using the contact form on this page. Replies are made promptly.

Knife Party is a proud supporter of NPR and KUT 90.5, Austin’s NPR station.


My tidy mobile workshop is built into a 2018 Dodge Promaster van. I use a variety of machines and hand tools to do my work. These include:

  • Katoku Edge Master Flat Hone Shear Sharpening System
  • Arius Eickert Flat Hone Convex Shear Sharpening System
  • Tormek Water-Cooled Sharpening System
  • Delta Pedestal Abrasive Wheels
  • Shapton Ceramic Water Stones
  • DMT Diamond Hand Stones
  • Assorted custom abrasive tools

Medical Instrument Sharpening

Worn medical instruments are often prohibitively expensive to replace, but the vast majority of these tools can be sharpened at a fraction of that cost. Knife Party’s medical instrument service takes place either same day onsite in the Austin area, or by mail with a 2-3 day turnaround.

Medical instrument service includes sharpening, alignment, and tension adjustment for

  • Precision and specialty surgical scissors – $10
  • Bandage scissors – $6
  • Dental elevators – $9
  • Detachable clipper blades – $9

Any instruments that cannot be sharpened will be returned free of charge, so it does not hurt to include even questionable items with your order.

To schedule onsite service, use the contact page on this site or call 719-201-4570.


If shipping, please print and complete the order form above and include it with your shipment. We will be in touch with a quote as soon as your order is received.

When shipping, send sterilized instruments only, and include enough packing material to reduce shifting in transit. Use this shipping address:

Knife Party Mobile Sharpening

5320 Medford Drive

Austin, Texas, 78723


About Me

I love the feeling of being next to the wheel or at my water stones. It’s calm, precise, even meditative at times. As a proud member of the National Beauty Tool Sharpeners’ Guild, I’ve spent more than ten years refining my skills via training, seminars, theoretical discussion with other professionals in the field, and practice, practice, practice.

I learned the basics of sharpening as a teenager in southern Colorado. I came to Austin to sing and play music, and I still do that. In 2009 I educated myself further about sharpening and began offering the service professionally. Slowly and surely I’ve gained trust from clients here for over a decade.

I make a great effort to come to an understanding with every single person for whom I work. The relationship between sharpener and client has to be one of earned trust.

I’m grateful for Testimony:

Visit Knife Party and get your knives sharpened by a true craftsman at a great price.
Zach M.

He even re-edged a blade that was nicked and chipped to restore it its brand new look. Craftsmen like Devin are rare. Have him restore your blades to their proper cutting glory.
Jon C.

Our knives were sharpened to perfection…probably sharper than when originally purchased!
Isaac C.

Right now I am in safe sharp knife heaven.
Lansing B.

I’m now sitting in my kitchen laughing while slicing through potatoes with ease.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s a really nice dude too, and seems to really care about his craft and customer.
Martin B.



Photos by R. Tomas Gonzales. Check him out at