Welcome to Knife Party Mobile Sharpening!

Owner-operator Devin James Fry can be found every Saturday at the downtown Austin SFC Farmer’s Market at 4th and Guadalupe.

Mobile appointments are available throughout the week. Contact Mr. Fry for details:

knifepartysharpening (at) gmail.com, 719-201-4570, or by using the form below.

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I love the feeling of being next to the wheel. It’s calm, precise, even meditative at times.

I learned the basics of sharpening as a teenager in southern Colorado. I came to Austin to sing and play music, and I still do that. In 2009 I educated myself further about sharpening and began offering the service professionally. Slowly and surely I gained trust from clients. I make a great effort to come to an understanding with every single person for whom I work. The relationship between sharpener and client has to be one of trust.

I’m grateful for Testimony:

Our knives were sharpened to perfection…probably sharper than when originally purchased!
Isaac C.

Right now I am in safe sharp knife heaven.
Lansing B.

He even re-edged a blade that was nicked and chipped to restore it its brand new look. Craftsmen like Devin are rare. Have him restore your blades to their proper cutting glory.
Jon C.

Visit Knife Party and get your knives sharpened by a true craftsman at a great price.
Zach M.

I’m now sitting in my kitchen laughing while slicing through potatoes with ease.  It doesn’t hurt that he’s a really nice dude too, and seems to really care about his craft and customer.
Martin B.

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Contact Devin James Fry at 719-201-4570 or by using this form: